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Assessing where you are now, where you want to go and the key steps in getting there is key to the transformation process.

Are your people all on the same page when it comes to the purpose of your organisation?

Making the case with a clear and robust narrative is the first step in the purpose journey, otherwise you’ve lost them before you’ve started in earnest.

How well does your organisation do purpose? Is it robust and consistently applied? How does it shape your business decisions?

You can use our Purpose Assessment Tool to benchmark your organisation’s progress, and we can add more depth if you need it via a hands-on purpose audit or review.

Your purpose statement is your guiding light or ‘North Star‘ – but what makes for a great purpose statement, and what else do you need to consider?

Going through the process of reviewing and refining your purpose statement also presents great opportunities to engage your people and partners.

Refining your purpose statement is far from job done – it’s just the end of the beginning – you need to bring structure and cascade it from the board all the way down into people’s KPIs.

Many organisations fail to follow through on this step – which is a waste of their time and resources. Don’t let that be you!


As you take steps on your transformation journey, you’ll need to to measure progress towards the outcomes you are expecting, and deal with problems that arise along the way.

Leadership, capability building, process integration and communications are some of the many moving parts to monitor and manage for successful implementation.