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Thought Leadership

Converting big ideas into powerful work with inspiration and guidance from experts and leaders in the purpose realm.

This is Phil’s most popular keynote where he explains the trend and what it means for you. It’s tailored to your context and has clear actions that help you move forward. Phil delivers on-site and virtually, find out more on his speaker website here.

Purpose is easy to say and hard to do! How do you inspire and motivate your people to get started? How do you engage them and what first steps can you take together?

We have in-person and virtual event solutions that provide the sparks your people and organisation needs.

From provocative TED-style presentations to personal empowerment and the ‘how-to‘ of putting purpose into practice – we have you covered.

Our keynotes, presentations and facilitations are tailored to achieve the think / feel / do results you’re after. Phil’s personal website has outlines of some of his popular topics.

We curate virtual and in-person conversations to help you deal with the complexities of purpose-driven change.

These are professional, highly tailored experiences designed to deliver results!

It’s possible you are already connecting profit with purpose, and your challenge is to uncover and tell these great stories, inspiring and empowering others to follow suit.

We help you tell your greatest untold purpose stories to create a truly remarkable business that is beyond reproach.