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Getting an Edge

Purpose as a springboard for innovations that put daylight between you and the pack.

Leading companies are using purpose based strategies to find new product and market opportunities – ones that lead to sustained advantages.

Addressing the costs imposed by relevant societal challenges can drive down the cost of doing business.

While giving, volunteering and CSR programs are good things to do, they seldom have the scale and resources to drive change.

Strategies at the intersection of profit and purpose are exceptionally powerful and we help you find them.

The profit with purpose concept is formalised in the ‘shared value‘ work of Harvard’s Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, and Phil’s acclaimed¬†book provides the background, case studies and processes you can use.

It’s a game changer – especially for busy professionals who want to make a far greater impact through their work.

It’s possible you are already connecting profit with purpose, and your challenge is to uncover and tell these great stories, inspiring and empowering others to follow suit.

We help you tell your greatest untold purpose stories to create a truly remarkable business that is beyond reproach.