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Business Purpose Case Studies

A selection of case studies illustrating how massive win-wins can be created between business and society.

Negotiating divorce without lawyers

How a family law firm created an innovative online self-service product to address legal service affordability issues in divorce processes.

Societal benefits include:

  • Reducing costs by 99 percent on average
  • Preserving intergenerational wealth
  • Reducing pressure on the legal system

Business motivations:

  • A scalable, online self-service product
  • Addressing affordability for an under-served market

Published in conjunction with the Shared Value Project and featured at their 2021 Summit.

AIA & Cancer Aid - Better lives and lower claims

Life insurer AIA Australia has teamed up with Cancer Aid to provide free support for customers with cancer. About 40% of working aged people diagnosed with cancer never return to work due to secondary factors.

Societal benefits include:

  • Improved wellbeing and quality of life scores
  • Improving return to work rates

Business motivations:

  • Reducing claims cost
  • Reducing the length of time on income protection

This case study is featured with the permission of the Shared Value Project.

Re-purposing food waste to boost profitability

How a pig farming operation formed partnerships with food manufacturers to significantly reduce waste and feed costs.

Societal benefits include:

  • Environmental footprint 95 percent lower than average producer
  • Diverting waste from landfill
  • Lowering methane emissions with biogas generation

Business motivations:

  • Reducing feed and energy costs
  • Higher margins / competitiveness
  • Premium branding

Published in conjunction with the Shared Value Project.

A Financially Sustainable Model for Improving the Lives of Artists.

How a social enterprise created a sustainable model with ‘art as a service’ for landlords looking for high quality and affordable art.

Societal benefits include:

  • Regular income for artists
  • Further commercial and display opportunities
  • Mental health, trauma, connection to culture and diversity 

Business customer benefits:

  • Vibrant art in building spaces tailored to client needs
  • Displays rotated on a quarterly basis
  • Affordable alternative to purchasing collections or refits

This case study is also featured as a Pro Bono Australia article.

Creating a Sustainable Model for Ocean Regeneration.

When a group of surfers got together to tackle climate change, they realised making an impact isn’t that hard, however driving systemic change to maximise their impact would be much harder.

This case study follows the SeaTrees journey in transforming from a donation-heavy model to a scalable and financially sustainable one.

Benefits include:

  • High impact methods for removing carbon from the air
  • Addressing SDG14: Life Below Water
  • Providing partners with convenient and easy to use solutions
  • Covering costs with commercial revenues

Real estate agents reducing homelessness and saving money

How a modified approach to managing tenancies led to reduced evictions and produced tangible savings for real estate agents. 

Societal benefits include:

  • Business and social sector collaboration
  • More than 50% of stressed tenancies saved
  • Reduced homelessness

Business motivations:

  • Reduced hard and soft costs for property managers
  • Benefit to landlords averages $10,000 when tenancy saved

Published in conjunction with the Shared Value Initiative.