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You’ll find a range of useful guides, information and tools right here to help you on your journey.

How well do you do purpose?

How do you benchmark where you’re at in your purpose journey?

What are you doing well? Where are the gaps? This quick quiz will highlight what needs working on and help you in your planning process.

Reading, real time updates and raw conversations

Phil’s book, Connecting Profit With Purpose, explains how purpose drives performance and competitive advantage.

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Check out our Corporate Conversations on Purpose, where business leaders talk about their experiences in moving from big ideas to powerful work.


Corporate Conversations on Purpose

A series of 30-min virtual conversations with people at the centre of the corporate purpose coalface.

View our episodes.

Talking Purpose in Business & Life

A series of 30-min virtual conversations with experts and leaders about the role that purpose plays in their business activities and their lives.

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Business purpose case studies

A selection of formal case studies is available for reading and downloading, including:

  • Negotiating divorce without lawyers
  • Re-purposing food waste to boost profitability
  • Real estate agents reducing homelessness and saving money