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Download our Corporate Conversations on Purpose Insights Pack

We are pleased to release the summary insights from our Corporate Conversations on Purpose series.

Global leaders are increasingly turning to corporate purpose transformation to boost profits, competitive advantage and valuations. However many leaders aren’t sure what it entails and lack confidence in taking it on.

That’s why we started talking to people who are often behind the scenes doing this hard work – to amplify their voices and bring their knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

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Our pack includes the following headings:

  • Why corporate conversations?
  • Summarising 8 hours and 15 episodes
  • What is corporate purpose?
  • What’s driving the trend?
  • How purpose connects to strategy
  • Purpose transformation tips
  • Operationalising purpose
  • Engaging people in purpose
  • Leading purpose transformation
  • Implications for governance
  • Where to from here?

We thank our guests for their time and valuable input, and we have several new episodes coming out soon.


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Download the Corporate Conversations on Purpose Insights Pack

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